Tuesday, September 15, 2009

So you think you are very bright?

As grown-ups we know there are situations in life that can leave us stumped. No matter what your current standing in life may be, you have definitely been in not-so-enviable positions.

When Circumstance decides to have its say what can a person do?

Circumstance affects us in the strangest ways. We seldom realize where it is hitting us from. It could be as simple as a bus conductor or government or police official reacting to a spat with his wife and making hell for you

Yet when we see a person who is not faring well, we seldom think: oh, there might be some circumstance in his life. We quite narrowly dismiss it as some foolish person who didn't see the pitfall as clearly as we did, and congratulate ourselves

And again when it happens to us we look around for some respite and some mercy....

When will we ever learn?

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