Monday, July 25, 2011

Rails of life

Do you know anyone whom you consider is "destined for greatness"? And what do you think set them apart?

What qualities in a person would lead you to conclude, that beyond any doubt, this individual is going to make a name for himself?

In my own experience, it is the quality of accommodative -ness. Of course, not just that, for if you do that to everyone unconditionally you will end up like a fallen banana peel

So such persons should also have an inner strength that leads others to respect them. The respect is therefore two way, and well received at both ends.

So how does that connect with my title "Rails of life"?

The thought occurs to me sometimes, that you do see people whose career gets cut short. Ordinarily it is an injury or disease. At other times, it is their own behavior and actions. Is there a way you could predict it about anyone? Not really.

The other quality, therefore, that is needed is some amount of steadfastness and dedication to one's objectives. And it begins NOW for everyone, and from now onwards through all the way to your rise. If you get complacent, or burn yourself out, you are not going to go all that far. Bad destiny is always lurking in there, waiting. No matter if you are a Michael Jackson or Amy Winehouse..

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Of change

The Being is in a constant state of flux. You deal with matters every day, but the way you do that varies, both from moment to moment, and day to day. How often did you leave work exhausted from trying to crack a problem, only to come back next morning and move on from that point within the first few minutes? (Don't worry even if this never happened to you, because it can)

What does this imply about you, about all of us, and mankind in general?

It means our perceived productivity is merely an illusion. Now, am I going too far in saying that? I'll let you decide, but hear me out first

The way we think of ourselves, is shaped by the way our opinions are considered by others. It is shaped by how our work is received by the world. In many cases, the world is very discerning in what it chooses to be good or the best among the works, but it is not always the case. Many a talent has been nipped in the bud by inattentive teachers in overcrowded classrooms. See, how circumstance plays out?

Life is a big, complex chain reaction. And the sequence is set into motion for you perhaps even before you were born on this earth. And how can you control what came before you were born? And how about after? At 1 year of age, of 2, 3, 4, 5 ....?

Your influence increases so very gradually, and even that, based on many conditions, that may or may not come into being.

So that leads me to ask, who are those people gloating things like "you make your own destiny"? The answer, according to me, is that they are the people who never encountered the restricting circumstances at crucial times of their lives that shaped their destiny. Yes, they may present a thousand bad conditions to prove me otherwise, but it will still be true that their circumstances WERE kind to them at important points, and without such gracious providence they WOULD NOT be here gloating about their exploits

Ok, enough rants. What I want to say, really, is that no matter where you are in life, if you can read this, you do have sufficient influence in your life over your circumstance. And circumstance IS capable of changing in an instant, based on good, correct and informed decision making