Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Where did we really come from?

Life fails to make sense for most rational thinkers

Are we really improvised models of insignificant life that started functioning by accident?

Too far fetched..

Then why do we take ourselves sooooooo seriously?

In this day and age, we are all familiar with DNA, which is a blueprint of the various cells our body is composed of

Who needs a blue-print? Who works with blue-prints? The answer is almost sad and unfortunate

What is the BIG difference between us and the machines we create? I say it is the sophistication

The machines we make are modeled on our own functioning. For example, like us, a computer has a short-term and long term memory

What goes to say that 100 years hence, we wouldn't be building a machine as sophisticated as us, or more? After all, we are good imitators. What prevents us from re-harnessing DNA to create absurd beings that are neither living nor dead, and capable of inhuman stamina, super-fast thinking and deadly strength?

I am going a bit out of the topic here. I want to allure to the fact that, the more we find out about how the specii work, the more it matches a machine

What then gives us the right to take ourselves with such great seriousness? We should knock it off..

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