Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What can be faster than light?

Being a daydreamer in class is not necessarily bad. Many a thing is learned not in class, but outside. And there are things that you learn INSIDE. These things are relatively unique to each individual. This also explains why each person likes to be explained in a particular way. This also explains why parents make better teachers (minus the exceptions please). Some examples of learning "inside" are -- bicycling, math, any art, technique, way of thinking, the list goes on..

So this happened when during the science class the teacher was explaining that nothing is faster than light. My mind went to the flashlight, and the interval between flicking it on and the light hitting the wall. What else happens so fast? I know there is something, I can feel it inside..

How about a rope? You pull one end, and the other end changes position instantaneously. Ha! I had found it. Something (probably) faster than light :)

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