Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Dynamic Personality

Childhood is a rich time

A child is in the process of formation. The foundations are being laid for future life. What a child wants to become, it can shape NOW.. and the child is doing just that

What you put into her head, she's gonna accomplish that in life. When you wield such power over someone's life..... do we want to go here? The power can sometimes be corrupting ........

Ok... what was the topic again? "Dynamic Personality".. Oh yes, I tend to forget a bit so I apologize!

A child is a very free individual. Free as in free of responsibility, much consequence, mentally free and inclination to experiment. A child can play any roles playing with her dolls. She can fit into any personality. It is all imaginative, and she can use any role in her life too, at whim

As she grows up, she adopts a bit of this, a little of that, according to where her life seems to be headed...... and as life sort of stabilizes, she has a practiced personality to deal with the life she got

Much of her choices are of course not original. She may see other people, and try to copy them. If her mom yells at the servant and she sees that servants are to be yelled at because thats how the work is getting done, she may apply significance to the "yeller" role and will record it for future use

Now as adults we have learned of many new behaviors. But we are still unable to change our patterns. In fact we are hard pressed to recognize them

But once we see the light, we are desirous of changing. But we find ourselves "locked" in our behavior.

The solution in this case, is to get a bit more imaginative. Get a partner, and do a role play. Imagine a situation. Converse with your usual behavior, and let the other person play the supporting role, ie, the environment. Then try an alternate role, and see how the 'environment' changes. Keep trying until you learn what is more likely to work for the environment...

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