Saturday, October 17, 2009

What fights matter

How to lead life?

This question is as open-ended as they come. What do you do with a problem of plenty (plenty of alternatives in this case)

What you do depends on your nature, your way of thinking. Your thinking is shaped by your past experiences and feedback. Feedback is what others around you give you.

The same must apply to others, too. Your feedback might be important to them - sometimes more than you think, in fact, but that, is a topic of its own, just like the several preceding sentences.

I delay my posts waiting for the right idea, but when I start I am flooded with dozens of others. Everything seems linked to each other. And yeah, where was I? A problem of plenty?

Let me narrow down the scope by defining 'lead life'. Leading life means you allow what is desirable to your heart to happen and avoid the undesirable. Or rather your conduct of yourself so as to have this effect

Now... this definition when followed will inevitably lead to conflicts and tension. Why? Because, fundamentally what you desire may be in demand and you may often find yourself in a situation where you are pushing and jostling fruitlessly with a crowd

And then there are those times when you need to put a firm foot forward and stand your ground.

How to recognize those moments? What fights really matter for you and for those for whom you are fighting? And when is it really time to give way instead of trampling on someone else's rights? After all, conduct should not be anything other than good and just

The answer lies in being honest on the inside. Recognizing what you are, your merits. AND recognizing the situation, other people and making a good judgment of where you stand. Yes, and that is the sign of wisdom