Sunday, February 6, 2011

A short story

Somewhere in a dark corner of the (a?) vast universe, was a little planet, just like our Earth. In that planet was a little civilization.

The people of the planet, through their ages, advanced enough in their knowledge of the sciences to build spacecrafts capable of traveling at several times the speed of light. This triggered in them exciting thoughts of exploring the universe

However, there are one problem. They didn't have enough people on their planet to cover the whole universe, or even a small part of it. So, to get the most bang for their buck, they did this: They split up into teams of one person each, and each one would take an independent direction, and report on their findings.

There was one more problem though. The distance they would require to travel would take entire lifetimes, and a person who once set out, was not expected to return back ever.

Among the explorers, was one person named Adam, and he discovered Earth. Seeing that it could possibly support life, he landed on Earth and witnessed vast amounts of land and resources. He liked it there so much that he decided to settle down there for the rest of his life.

Using advanced cloning technology, he made Eve for himself, and all the animals and plants, making genes capable of customizing themselves according to their environment. In fact, he altered himself to adapt to Earth's environment

And thus, the world as we know it, was born.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

What is your favorite activity or hobby?

I heard somewhere the saying: If you do what you like you will never have to work a day in your life

So I did precisely that. I moved to a profession that I KNEW I would like. Time went by. But guess what? The picnic one day ended.

I used to enjoy my work, no doubt. But as I went on, small discontent-ments set in. It is true always, that the "devil is in the details". Take ANY job. For argument sake, let's say a fighter pilot. It is all so exciting and glamorous to be in the air force. So you earn the good grades, go through the physicals, and get through pilot training. And guess what? There is no much work, really. Your country is not at war, or doesn't really need air combatants at the moment. So how do you spend the time? Maybe you won't fight a single dogfight in your life. You will just go around in sorties and do air shows. After a while it is routine. Or perhaps you will not be happy at something. That your commander always makes you do the sorties he likes and never appreciates what you have to share. Or perhaps your colleague is selected for completing the super-class aircraft pilot training and you were stuck with backup pilot training on an old plane. This list is endless.

The key to enjoying work, is to detach from it emotionally. Make a habit to start and finish the most boring tasks without in any way being affected or losing your sense of humor. There. I said it. Your desire "not to work a day in your life" is plain wrong.