Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Of Vicious Cycles

I am surprised sometimes, at the amazing regularity at which I can observe the "Monkey closed fist syndrome"

"Monkey closed fist", if you need an explanation, is about the story of the monkey that clenched a fistful of gram in a jar, and couldn't take its hand out because the fist was clenched

Often, our resistance to something becomes the reason why it happens. Thank self-fulfilling prophecies

An everyday example, that I have missed till recently in life, happens when we meet some new people.
When we meet a new person, we start from ground-0, and try to understand the person, his qualities, his motivations. Needless to say, this can be an important situation in many, many contexts.
When we meet a person who holds any kind of power over us, we often are in Porus's shoes when be was captured by Alexander the Great. Asked Alexander: How do you want to be treated?

This conversation, I have observed, is very familiar to us at a subconscious level. The car salesman, or the Driver inspector, or your job interviewer -- they all want to know how you should be treated, and do so accordingly

And THIS is the reason you should have a positive self image. You beget what you ask for, subconsciously

Ok, getting out before I rob the post of its succinctness