Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Theories of the Universe

Science sounds really crazy nowadays. We all know, or thought we know, that a bigger object can't fit into a smaller object, but now they are saying things like, "when a star implodes, it gets sucked in by its own gravity, and compresses itself into a sub-atomic size"(or something to that effect anyway)

I, for one, choose to remain deeply skeptical of theories such as the above. It is pure common-sense, that a object as big as a star cant shrink to such an extent.

So, I have another proposition. When a star implodes, it sucks itself like crazy, and there are huge Explosions within it, and with these explosions, the mass that it has gets converted to another form, maybe, energy. And this energy puts the star in a path to a vicious cycle, so that it attracts more rocks to come crushing into it, and they in turn getting converted

In fact, I would go to the extent of saying, that this is what Gravity is all about. For example, you are waiting in your car for a left turn (or for whatever reason), and as vehicles zoom past your car you feel the car swaying to fill the void created by the moving vehicle. The same way, the earth's core is converting mass into energy and making a void, and all matter surrounding it, including us, are trying to "fill" the void, thus producing the "gravity" effect

However, for this to work, one thing would be necessary -- that all objects are exposed to the vacuum. Merely creating a vacuum in a bottle and floating it in space is not going to make it attract stuff to it. The vacuum made by the planet core is far more special, in that the energy leaving (or radiating) from the planet has the effect of pushing us toward the place it is leaving from. Like people getting out of the elevator make way for those waiting to enter, and, in this hypothesis, they all want to get in at the same time and thus create a jam. It's complicated to explain. It's like breathing out and breathing in at the same time!