Sunday, August 2, 2009

Logs and back-logs

Dear Dad

When I was little, - and this is just my chance to reveal to you - I used to make several 'notes' - about you I should treat my children, what I would do and what I would not, etc

However I never had blogging back then. If I maintained a diary it risked getting lost, falling into "wrong" hands, embarrassing me, and felt somewhat wrong, because I was after all a kid with no understanding

So this blog is an attempt to re-construct that which was lost in the humdrum of the past 3 decades. You (and my other readers - though 0 in all at time of writing) may feel that many of my ideas here are kiddish. They are meant to be. To explain, I want my sayings here to reflect my young mind. I may not be feeling the same now, or my feelings have evolved and morphed into something else, or perhaps disappeared. So a little pinch of salt here and humor there would serve good..

I don't want to conclude on that note, however. There will be ideas here that will elevate this blog and make the discussions and incidents interesting (hopefully). I know there will...

At present feeling dry of ideas so signing off ..

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