Sunday, August 2, 2009

Early thoughts

From time to time I remember some old ideas and thoughts from my childhood. I will try to maintain these using a title similar to this one..

Just remembered while watching the carpenters..

How to draw a straight line if I am not allowed to use a scale, a thread, or any such man-processed instrument/thing?

How to draw a perfect circle?

I remember having thought about these a day or two, before some ideas struck me.. I don't want to remember what they were right now .. so you can think of an answer as well

Where did this thought come from? It is from the recursive questioning.

Q. How to draw a straight line?
A. use a ruler

Q. To make a ruler you need to get a straight line first. Assume you are making the world's first ruler
A. Stretch a thread

Q. Fool! A thread is woven from cotton with the help of a machine. To make that machine you needed to draw several straight lines.
A. mmmm how about a hair ..?

Q. You are taking the fun out of the question. Try a better answer

I later plucked a hair and examined its structure. It wasn't all that uniform...

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