Friday, November 12, 2010

What life experience means

When was the last time you sought advise from someone else about what you should be doing?
And when was the last time you really heeded that and the advise didn't "bomb", i.e., proved good

Who is the best person to conduct your life?

When you are little, you rely mostly on your parents. You act like they tell you to. In turn, they have told you to act as per their experience as to what works for them

It is like this. You buy a spanking new pair of shoes, and the shoe feels tight in the beginning (maybe even bites), then it adjusts to your feet, and slowly takes the shape of your feet.

Suppose you were to hand over those shoes to your younger sibling, would it work?

Your parents' environment is the new pair of shoes. Their feet are their way of behaving. With time, the environment has jelled with their behavior, and the two have adjusted themselves so that it no longer "bites"

But what happens afterwards? They lend you their feet (behavior), and they try to become the "environment", so that they and you will get along.

What is the result when a person has gone through a lot of conflict within his environment? Perhaps he grew a thorn, or his environment did. And THAT's how your parents' life influences yours

Time for a little course correction: let me pull back in place the tangent -- what life experience means. It means, you have a way of interacting with your environment, in such a way that you can predict the outcomes.

But it's not as simple as that. The depth of its meaning is proportional to the mastery you have on this matter, and several different ways of examining the concept, and I'll try to leave it at that...


  1. It seems what you're saying is that one's past life experience acquaints one with a number of possibilities of handling new life experiences-some of which might be useful and some not.

  2. We are influenced by our parents so we are ready to go out in the world on our own. When we do leave our parents (usually at a young age) we will have to make our own choices and soon with everything you learned and by your parents, people can use the past experiences and knowledge to your own family (if they choose to have one).

  3. Yes, both of you are right. What I tried to draw attention to, is the fact that what you do know may not always be the best, and you must always assume that someone out there is being a much, much better parent than you are, and keep improvising, and sometimes try assuming you got it all wrong, and what might happen if you choose a different way. This applies to only to parenting, but any aspect of life.